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Since 1953 Centre Jewellers has been the trusted retail jeweller in Alice Springs, synonymous with quality product and reliable service. An independent ‘gem’ (excuse the pun) of a business like this that is so markedly established in a community is a rarity.

In its 59 years, has had three owners and four locations. Gordon Armstead, a watchmaker and jeweller began trading from the Chapman Building on Railway Terrace on April 7 1953. At the time Alice Springs had a population of just 2000 people and limited services, the public library opened in October the same year. In 1958 Gordon moved Centre Jewellers to Alice Springs’ main retail strip, Todd Street, opposite Reg Harris Lane where he continued to sell jewellery to the people of Central Australia for a further 13 years. The business was sold to entrepreneurial businessmen and brothers Paul and John Egar in 1971, who appointed Dawn Kemp as manager of the store in 1974. During the four years she managed Centre Jewellers (until 1978), Dawn developed a keen interest in local gems and fine jewellery whilst forming strong relationships with customers and suppliers. This passion for jewellery and love of the business was solidified in 1981 when the Kemps bought Centre Jewellers and their son David joined them in the business.

For the past 31 years the Kemps have worked to grow and expand their business whilst adapting to changes in Alice Springs and retail trends. In 1987 Centre Jewellers began their association with Yeperenye Shopping Centre, opening a second shop in a prime corner position of the newly built shopping centre. The Todd Street (by then Todd Mall) store was closed in 1988 and the entire business has since operated from the Yeperenye location.


Led by the husband and wife partnership of David and Apples, Centre Jewellers still caters mostly for residents of Alice Springs and outlying stations. Their reputation in the community is one of a friendly, dependable, service orientated business who have an impressive knowledge of their product and are responsive to customers needs. Apples has grown her interest in jewellery design through undertaking study in this area. Centre Jewellers has a strong community focus demonstrated through their support of many community groups and events. The result is a loyal customer base and community respect which are essential elements to the business’ success in a relatively small market. Their product is carefully considered and has seen diversification over recent years into a more contemporary range.

Centre Jewellers has been a member of Showcase Jewellers since 1985. As a member of the Showcase Jewellery group we can offer our clients the very latest design trends from around the world. Combining the buying strength of over 250 jewellery professionals located across Australia our pricing is very competitive and back up service un-surpassed.