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At Centre Jewellers we go beyond just selling jewellery to offer you a personalised service that extends well past the initial purchase.

Information specialist Your Centre Jewellers proprietor has been in jewellery for over 30 years in Alice Springs and you would be surprised at exactly how much he knows. If you have questions or you just want to talk over a decision that needs to be made, David will be able to tell you all the things you didn’t even know you should have been asking about!

Custom Jewellery: Jewellery is a very personal choice and sometimes you just can’t find the perfect piece in store. Centre Jewellers has developed relationships with a wealth of talented artisans to call on to craft your exact piece. Just ask!

Special deliveries: At Centre Jewellers we are more than happy to airbag just what you’ve been looking for to anywhere in the country (or the world!).
Custom Jewellery At Centre Jewellers
Special Deliveries At Centre Jewellers